Dahling, were you there? If you missed us this time, perhaps you’ll catch at our next class. We had an amazing time at our live group cooking class held at Extreme Youth Sports in Lake Mary, FL on Saturday, May 14. There was Irie reggae music, lots of delicious bites to eat and a ton of great cooking tips all packaged together in a lively, bright atmosphere.

Group Class

We started out with a Massaged Kale Salad that the ladies prepared in groups of 3, after gathering ingredients from the Mise en Place station. By using oil, lemon juice and avocado, Chef Jenn demonstrated the effects of fat and acid on leafy greens. That experiment ended in a tasty salad everyone enjoyed, even the little chefs.

cooking class

cooking class


Chef Jenn then demonstrated how to perfect a Grilled Jerk Portobello (get the recipe here) and finished off with a healthy take on rice, her Quick Fried CauliRice.



We even had special prizes and samples of Chef Jenn’s Irie on the Go lunch delivery menu.


At the end of the session, we had a group of very satisfied ladies who were armed with new cooking skills to practice and master at home.

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