Dahling, we had so much fun at Central Florida Earth Day 2017 celebrating the Earth and promoting ways to take care of our planet, ensuring she’s around for generations to come. Were you there?

Did you catch me on tv, dahling? Rumor has it I’m a celebrity now – that means somebody everyone knows! You’re gonna recognize my eyes, my hair, my teeth…my nose. I kid, I kid. Fans of the musical, Chicago, would quickly recognize the words from Roxie Hart’s rendition of her eponymous number, Roxie. Though by no means a celebrity, I was on Fox 35’s Good Day Orlando with other representatives of Vegetarians of Central Florida to promote the next day’s Earth Day events.

Central Florida Earth Day 2017 had lots of food, fun, and activities. Did you see Ibex Puppetry’s Endangered Species Puppet Parade? Maybe you took part in the March for Science?

Perhaps you stopped by our Irie Cream booth to pick up your favorite flavor of our deliciously dairyfree ice cream.  Thanks for coming to say, “Hello,” dahling!

Chances are, you stopped by the Food Presentation booth and caught some really cool food demos. I showed how to make my signature Jerk Bbq Pulled Pork Potstickers with a bonus Scallion Dipping Sauce. I think I promised a Pork AND Cabbage potsticker but forgot about such promises along the way. Ha! I didn’t bring the cabbage but we had an Irie good time with just the pork, nonetheless. The story of my life, dahling.

Were you there? Wasn’t it fun?! We had 4 volunteers from the auidence, 3 young men and the ever-charming Carmen (pictured below), to make the potstickers as I talked them through the process. We covered a few basic cutting techniques, the proper way to season a pot to get a non-stick surface and the simple trick to avoid greasy, soggy food.

Fun fact: the very first food demo I ever did was at Central Florida Veg Fest 2015. I did Jamaican Hard Dough Bread. I’ve come a long way personally and professionally since but I am forever grateful to the founder and organizers of Vegetarians of Central Florida for providing that opportunity. In case you weren’t there for that demo, get the recipe here as well as my all-time favorite video of me and my grandmother making the bread.

Check out the recipe below. If you were there, dahling, leave a comment telling me all about it! (PS: I won’t be mad at all if you weren’t there and just wanted to say “Irie!”

– Chef Jenn

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