Exclusively Irie: Personal Chef Meals 14 Meal Plan Gift Certificate


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Give the gift of delicious food, dahling!  An Exclusively Irie: Personal Chef Meals gift certificate makes the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. It's great for college students and the busy professional. It is the perfect housewarming gift and is fantastic for people on the run. Simply select a 4, 5, 7, 10 or 14 meals gift certificate, pay at check out and the gift certificate with a unique code, plus instructions to the recipient will be emailed to you.  Your certificate covers all charges, including taxes and delivery cost. Simply print and hand the gift certificate to your loved one or forward the email with the code. WHEN MUST THE CERTIFICATE BE USED? The lucky recipient can then use the gift certificate at her convenience, choosing which week's meal plan works best for her. A new meal plan is loaded every Wednesday, here. She can then select the corresponding number of meals on her gift certificate and proceed to checkout. During checkout, she will enter the unique code on her gift certificate, input delivery address and time. That's it. She'll then have her delicious, chef-inspired meals delivered to her home/office. And you'll be the hero - the bearer of all good things, dahling!