We Came! We Saw! We Cooked!


Dahling, I think on my list of truly awesome experiences, this easily cracked the top 10. ORLANDO VEGANS GO JAMAICAN was a huge success.  Were you there? Of course! It was so nice meeting you and cooking together.

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We had a great group of people come together for a lovely afternoon of good music, great food and lots of learning. From the young, to the young at heart, everyone had a blast. Nikki Namdar, Orlando Vegans‘ leader extraordinaire, captured some very special moments from Saturday’s class.  Thank you, Nikki! Have a look, dahling. Did you spot a familiar face?

Everyone enjoyed the fresh bread station and also got to sample my Red Velvet Cheesecake Irie Cream before purchasing.

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Irie Cream

There was also a Why Vegan? Resource station where the chefs could learn more about being vegan. Read Chef Jenn’s Vegan Story HERE.


We started off with our hands-on exercises, where groups of 5 chefs made the Pineapple Slaw. First, they had to gather all the ingredients from the Mise En Place station, then work together as a team to create this delicious accompaniment for the slider. 


Chef Jenn demonstrated how to make the Jerk Bbq Pulled Jackfruit Sliders.The Pineapple Slaw the teams created was the perfect topping for the sliders. Finally, everyone enjoyed the delicious fruits of their labor. 

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Jerk Barbecue Jackfruit Sliders

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Did you miss this class? Gasp! For shame! No worries, dahling. We’ve been asked to take this class to Kissimmee. Join us on Sunday, July 10 in Kissimmee, FL as we partner with Fit and Fine Fitness to bring you another Irie Vegan Culinary Academy Group Cooking Class.

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Fit & Fine Fitness

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