I have yet to post a timely holiday dish. I am terrible. I know. I’ve come to terms with it and hope you will, too. I have received angry letters demanding Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas themes and only recently – St. Patrick’s Day Irish-friendly meals. Calm down, guys. Let the joy and peace of the holidays comfort you. Or let the joy and peace of the holidays you just had remain with thee.

Grilled Cabbage with Dark Rum Lemon Drizzle and Tomato-Onion Relish

The truth is, I very seldom observe any holidays, really. When I came to America for college, my family was still in Jamaica and I spent all of my holidays alone. I lived alone for a decade before getting married and it never occurred to me to make Thanksgiving dinner for one. I prepared my first Thanksgiving feast 2 Novembers ago, because my mom was visiting. My husband isn’t partial to holiday meals and celebrations, either so we never tend to do anything special or different to mark them. No, I don’t always put up a Christmas tree and have never made stuffing. Gasp! (Yes, I know.)

I am usually reminded it’s my birthday by a jolly friend on Facebook wishing me all the loveliness the world has to offer because I tend not to celebrate that either. I’m not only the Grinch who stole Christmas, I am the aloof monster who sucks the joy out of every holiday celebration. Oh joy! For that, I apologize sincerely to my friends and family. I am horrible at remembering birthdays and don’t offer birthday wishes nearly often enough. It’s not you. Really, it’s me.

Grilled Cabbage - relish and drizzle not yet added

In celebration of a post-post, late-late St. Patrick’s Day,  (wasn’t he the patron saint of patience? No? Okay!) I offer you my take on cabbage.  This is a vegan-friendly, crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy dish of grilled cabbage with a dark rum lemon drizzle. It is topped with a bright tomato and onion relish. I know perhaps I should have gone with Irish whiskey instead of rum, but I am still Jamaican to the core and that’s all I had. Let’s sum it up as Irish cabbage by way of the Caribbean.

Hey, it’s my blog. I get to do that, you know. 🙂

Oh, it just occurred to me, in a glass half-full kind of way, that instead of being ridiculously late to the St. Patty’s Day party, let’s just say I am really, really early and ahead of the ball. (If that sports reference made no sense, please forgive me. I have no clue about any sports of any sort, except maybe Scrabble tournaments.) 

With that I present you my creation: Grilled Cabbage with Dark Rum Lemon Drizzle and Tomato-Onion Relish.

Grilled Cabbage with Dark Rum Lemon Drizzle and Tomato-Onion Relish[ultimate-recipe id=”2653″ template=”default”][ultimate-recipe id=”2657″ template=”default”]