Meet Jenn

Meet Jenn                                                                         

Hi, there!

I’m Jenn, Founder and CEO of DaJen Eats. It’s nice to meet you.

I grew up in Jamaica but left for America when I was 16. I started cooking as a college girl in a new country away from my family. I’ve had some memorable meals and some unbelievably disastrous dishes, too.

Along the way, I studied food science in great detail to get a better understanding of how food works. I found that the more I knew, the more consistent results I got in the kitchen and the more I enjoyed cooking.

I also adopted a vegan lifestyle because living a compassionate life in which human and non-human animals are treated fairly is important to me. 

That’s the passion I take to DaJen Eats. I want to help you on your food journey. Let’s learn some new techniques and discover exciting flavors. You’ll get delicious, vegan recipes with a Jamaican flair. How fun is that?

Welcome to DaJen Eats: Home of the Irie, Happy Vegan.

Let’s Cook Together!