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Dahling, don’t we all know about the stress that steams up as we grow and the tension that bubbles among the young classmates throughout the day. That’s why I’ve been invited to dozens of extracurricular programs at schools just like yours to bring kids together with my vegan, plant-powered Jamaican-style cooking demos. And boy, does it work!

Mixing Well
What I see with these demos is a certain harmony between flavors that cooks into a harmony between kiddies. That’s because it’s not just watching together, it’s doing together (and of course, tasting together!). And it’s healthy, too! Good for their bellies, good for their attitudes.

Culinary Academy

So, I’d like to invite your class along a culinary adventure that mixes delicious island spices, a heap of satisfied tastebuds, and the secret ingredient that adds a treat to the day. Boy is this a recipe for happiness!

Kids cooking


I’d love to reserve your school a private seat at a demo run by the Irie Vegan Culinary Academy (where exotic island spices come together blissfully, just as the kids will, too!). So let the youngins grab a seat, grab some eats, and Irie up their lives!

Irie Kids Culinary Academy

Hope to see you soon as we cook up a special dish of happy campers,

Chef Jenn

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